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Come in for a Guided Meditation or

Deep Trance Meditation. 

Free your Mind


Deep Trance Meditation

Come take a journey into what Dr. Terrence Mckanna calls "The Logos."  The Mind Machine can take you there naturally, without the need for psychedelic substances.  By Mixing audio and visual stimulations to take you into your own virtual reality.   In the audio side, we use sound frequencies and binaural beats to gently bring you into a state of deep meditation.  On the visual side. we use a small computer that pulsates light in time and frequency with the music.  So sit back and relax in a zero gravity chair and escape from the everyday noise and chaos of your busy.


Session Time: 1/2 hour

Practitioner:  Jimmie (Santiago) PhD 

Cost: $250    (bring a friend for $150 pesos more)



Come join Kolibri each week for free meditation.  Collectively you will explore different kinds of meditations.  Love donations are accepted but not mandatory.

Check the facebook page for days and times

Session Time 1 hour

Practitioner Kolibri Bowman RMT CPC

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