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The Kundalini Center of Holistic Arts is a place for all beings; no matter who they are or what they believe in.  All can come and receive Kundalini-inspired services that will help them to attain a well-grounded balance of mind, body, and soul.



Hola amigos!

We are Dr. Jimmie (Santiago) and Kolibri.  We are a husband and wife team specializing in holistic wellness.  Together we have 40 years of healing experience.  We owned a large holistic wellness center in Canton Ohio called Mystic Float and Wellness where we helped thousands of people with their holistic healing needs.  We retired to La Paz Mexico in September of 2022. As we tried to settle into retirement it was difficult for us because we are natural healers and there is always a need for holistic healing.  We just can't stop helping people find the balance that they need in their lives.  We now consider ourselves semi-retired.  It's OK because this is what we love to do and the calling for holistic healing is great here in La Paz. BCS and La Paz is a magical place, maybe you have noticed or felt it in your soul. 

We are lucky, we live in a powerful earthly vortex.   For us, we fell in love with this place the first time we visited this magical place and knew this would be home.  This is a place where the desert, mountain, sea, and trade wind energies all flow together.  We also live within the ring of fire that gives us volcanic energies and we live on several fault lines that are slowly opening up the sea of Cortez separating Baja from the mainland.  So right under our feet are volcanic and earthquake energies.  Blending all these energies makes a very stimulating vortex of earth energies.  People who are sensitive to these vortexes feel them deeply, many don't understand what they are feeling.   Do you ever get goosebumps and you are not even cold?  This is a sign that your body is intuned with the vortex.  The power of the vortex can sometimes be overwhelming and confusing for some.   That is why we do what we do, we will help you understand what is going on within you. We have several holistic modalities to aid you in staying healthy and balanced while living in this amazing place we call home.

Please check out the services page, and if something is calling you feel free to call or email us with questions or to set up your appointment.  

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