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Super Charged Crystal Light Therapy


The Start:

Developed in 2018 by Dr Jimmie Bowman for his holistic wellness clinic in Ohio, by combining many modalities he came up with a supercharged chakra balancing service that has helped 1000s of people get their balance of body mind, and spirit.  We are the only service provider of this modality in all of Baja.

Let's start with the table:

Purple Far Infrared Bio-Stimulation Mats with 27 pounds (12.25 klg) of Natural Grade  A Amethyst Crystals,

Negative Ions, Red Light LEDs, and EMF-free Adjustable Infrared Heating 86-158°F (30-70°C).

Crystals: Crushed to 2-8 mm 100% Natural Amethyst Crystals, together with Agate Stones, and Red Light LEDs are Fixed with Purple Mesh Fabric Artisan Embroidery Throughout the mat from edge to edge. 

These hot stone pads provide Deep Impact Far Infrared Heating, and Monochromic 660 Nm Red Light Bio Stimulation LEDs for collagen synthesis, skin appearance rejuvenation, relax & healthy sleep.

Amethyst Isolates and Concentrate Healing Infrared Rays in the most bio-compatible Wavelength 4-16 µm, and emits them up to 8 inches deep into tissues.

Warm Stones Naturally Release Negative ions and Far Infrared Deep Impact Heat. Bio-Stimulation Mat brings Vital Natural Forces of Fresh Air, Mountains, Waterfalls, Sun Warmth in the Middle of Modern Civilization.

Heated Amethyst Crystal Rays are excellent for pain relief, relaxation, and good all-night sleep.

The mats with bio-magnetic functionality additionally feature PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) coils with frequency adjustable between four settings 4 Hz, 8 Hz, 10 Hz, and 14 Hz.

Flexible pads come with Static Quadrupolar Magnets naturally generating a Permanent 3-inch Deep Penetrating Multipolar Magnetic field comparable with PEMF.

Crystal Lights:  

The Crystal Light bar is a vibrational healing tool that helps balance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of the body. While crystal healing stones on their own function on separate levels due to different vibrational profiles, the chakra light crystals use clear quartz multi-faceted Vogel crystals, chakra light and color frequencies to promote wellness on many levels.

Each crystal is frequency synced to the specific chakra and pointed down into the chakra area. 

Sound Therapy:

Binaural beats are a perception of sound created by your brain. If you listen to two tones, each at a different frequency and each in a different ear, your brain creates an additional tone you can hear. This third tone is called a binaural beat. You hear it at the frequency difference between the two tones.

For example, if you listen to one tone at 300 hertz (Hz) and the other tone at 310 Hz, the binaural beat you hear is at 10 Hz. The binaural beat can be heard if the frequency of each tone in your ears is less than 1000 Hz and the difference between the two tones is less than 35 Hz.

When each ear hears a tone at a slightly different frequency, your brain tries to compensate by creating the perception   This creation of a third sound is caused by the same part of the brain that helps you determine the location of a sound. To hear the binaural beat, you must have sound coming in each ear. If you take out one of your earbuds, you’ll no longer hear the binaural beat.

When binaural beats are sustained over a period of time, they can synchronize with your brain waves.  As a result, binaural beats can alter your brain wave activity as well as your levels of arousal.

You will hear the binaural beats through high-fidelity stereo headphones.  We use Pure 6 Hz THETA Binaural Beats to bring you to a state of relaxation.

Aroma Therapy:

Also to help you balance and relax we will be using lavender aroma therapy. Lavender aroma inhalation can help improve sleep quality, depression, and stress levels. and lavender has an anti-anxiety and anti-depressive effect.

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